New York City is being cold during the last few days and I need gloves!
In this article I’d like to share a few gloves picks to keep your arms warm and stylish. As for everything, there is a fashion for gloves too – long, short, color, material, style and occasion.
I’ve got a few gloves that I can use for any occasion: gloves to walk with dog, gloves to go for a date, gloves for snow, gloves for snowboarding, etc. More gloves never hurts 🙂

Here’re my Gloves picks that I’ve got with Amazon Prime:

1. Elegant: Warmen Stylish Leather Ruched Elbow Length Long Evening Dress Gloves (S, Black) – $38.99

These fashion gloves are on the main picture of this post and I love them. I have a few coats and they look nice and stylish with all of them. Natural leather makes them warm and I wear them a lot to work or when I go out somewhere. They look very expensive and if I ever loose one of them, I’ll definitely get a new set. I’ve also got medium as I was scared small may be too small and they fit great.

2. Elegant, but short: Warmen Women’s Lambskin Leather Plush Lined Long Winter Gloves – $33.99

Not surprised that it’s the same brand and I love them. Sometimes I’m lazy to put long gloves on (e.g. with down coats), then I put on these – they are soft, lined with fleece which makes them warm and also have touch screen option which I, honestly, never use.

3. Touch Screen iPhone Gloves: Agloves Unisex Sport Touchscreen Gloves, Black, Small/Medium – $11.99

I’ve lost these ones about 3 times and every time I get a new set – they are warm enough and sometimes I do use them with touch screen. They are nice color and a little shiny, which is nice and looks stylish. Even if you don’t need them with your touch screen phone – that’s fine, they’ll look nice in any case.


4. Snow Waterproof Gloves: Women’s Waterproof / Thinsulate Lined Ski Gloves – $17.95

Being a snowboard fun, I’ve been looking for inexpensive good waterproof gloves and I’ve found these and ended up buying two of them – white and black. Black fit my color costume and white fit my white/blue jacket.

What I figured out is that finding real waterproof gloves is a hard task – many I’ve got were destroyed after one snowboard ride. These one lived 2 seasons with me, which is good for just $17.95.