Hair conditioner for dry hair

I’ve been always trying to get the best care for my hair and I damaged them so many times with different colors. I’ve been brown, blonde, orange and this obviously affects hair quality A LOT, therefore, I’m in an infinite search of the treatments that will keep my hair smooth and shiny.

I’ve been trying many different brands from $4 to $40 and not always you can see the difference. Some time ago I started to use a John Frieda hair color and I loved it. First it gives so natural brown color and also the small conditioners that come with it are amazing.

So I started to look for John Fried conditioner in Duane Read but the ones I saw were expensive. And how happy I was last week when I found this John Frieda conditioner on Amazon just for $4.49. Check it out.

Hair conditioner for dry hair –  John Frieda Luxurious Volume Touchably Full For Colour Treated Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner for dry hair

Get it on Amazon$4.49