I’ve been struggling the last few months looking for a long lasting nail polish and upset with the frequency I need to change my nail polish. I can’t change it myself and is doesn’t look nice enough and I have to go to the nails bar to re-do it again and again. Since I have a dog and do a lot of different things with my nails it usually takes 2-3 days for the polish to start chip and on day 3 it already looks bad and cheap. So I’ve been spending $10+tax+tips every 3-4 days and it started to get very expensive.

I’ve got a gel set for myself which worked great, but after 5 times or so my nails became sooo damaged and weak so I couldn’t continue with the gel.

Long Lasting Nail Polish or No chip manicure at home 

So thinking about it a little bit, here is a lifehack I came up with and would like to share with you on my fashion blog.

You can go for a regular manicure or use any regular nail polish at  home and when it dries or even the next day you’ll need two things:

  1. Top Coat  – $10.99. No base coat is needed, so you may even be able to find a cheaper option

Long Lasting Nail Polish or No chip manicure at home

2. UV Lamp – $8.49
Long Lasting Nail Polish or No chip manicure at home


You’ll be able to use it for every next manicure you’ll get.

  • Step 1 – apply top coat
  • Step 2 – use lamp for 90 seconds on every hand
  • Step 3: use polish removal to remove excess of the top coat – just swipe one or twice
  • To remove it: use nail filing tools to file top coat and then regular nail polish removal. You may need to keep polish removal for a little bit on each nail to remove

I’ve been doing this for three months and it’s been amazing time and nail polish lasts for at least a week and my nails are not getting damaged or weak from it. So this is my secret for long lasting nail polish and no chip manicure at home :).

Enjoy and let me know what you think!