How to wear a cropped sweater?

Adapting to the times of the year, crop-tops, which have been hit of the summer, gradually turned into another trend – cropped sweaters. It now remains only to find out what it is and how to wear a cropped sweater during this winter and spring.

What does it mean “crop sweater”?

It is a short sweater or sweatshirt, the length of which should be cut before the point where the waist begins.

Hence, the following questions arise: how long should a cropped sweater be, not to go beyond the limits of decency? How to wear a cropped sweater, should I open my belly at winter? With what should you combine such a thing, to stay in the trend?

How to wear a cropped sweater

The ratio of the naked body with the lower part of the look is super important. Even if you are a happy owner of perfect press, it is not necessary to show it. Frankly speaking, the rules of etiquette “haute couture”, at least this season, it is advised to hide the lower part of the belly by choosing items with the high waist. Thus, the belt between the skirt or trousers and skirt crop jumper strip body should remain no more than eight centimeters, and less is better. Many women pick the length to touch the belt/end of the lower part of the look.

Another issue that bothers many – is how to adapt to a shorter jumper to the NYC winters, and whether it is possible to mix it with other wardrobe items.

In the designers collection, crop tops successful perform in the ensemble to jackets, jackets, bombers, or other varieties of outdoor clothing that can be worn unbuttoned. And in general, all that can be put on cropped top looks great.


It’s also very common to wear something underneath cropped sweater – for example, T-shirts or shirts, which will be the bottom of the look.

So how to wear a cropped sweater?

As already mentioned, the main rule of the ensemble – the bottom with a high waist. It may be:

  • loose trousers with straight cut
  • boyfriend jeans
  • a pencil skirt
  • a midi-length skirt
  • high waist leggings
  • top under cropped sweater

And yet, fashion rules are made to be broken. Therefore, trust intuition and the mirror – if the map it you smile, you can safely go to conquer the world.

Interested in Cropped Sweater outfits?

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how to wear a cropped sweater