You are beautiful. Natural Women Beauty.

Natural beauty is not only men but also women. While we are young, we believe that the cosmetics make us more beautiful, and we forget that with their help 10 years, we will look much older than his age. Many define the natural women beauty in different ways. Someone thinks that being natural and beautiful – it means to have a harmonious and asymmetrical arrangement of eyes, lips and nose.

Others feel naturally beautiful girl, if she has a perfect figure and beautiful hair. Criteria lot of natural beauty, but what it means to be a natural and beautiful?!

You are beautiful and natural beauty is within us.

In today’s world there is a concept of natural beauty that is determined by the outer shell. But this is completely wrong judgment. People completely forget that draws on the exterior, and a pure soul.

You can have a perfect facial features and natural beauty, a lot of fans, but do not have a single, which at any moment is near. All this is due to human qualities and inner beauty, which many women nowadays completely forgotten.

It is not uncommon today to see a couple in which the man Alain Delon, and a woman – an ordinary girl, with no outstanding external data, and natural beauty.

Condemning such a man and such a woman jealous, just think about why this is happening. And all because she is so full of soul that the man did not even look as far as she is beautiful or ugly.

To be naturally beautiful just enough to fill your soul love and concern for others because you are beautiful already.

Men are important to them was there not a pretty picture, and the girl with burning eyes, confident, blooming, with a rich spiritual world, and of course the well-groomed. Naturally, all men love with their eyes, so take care of themselves is also necessary. After all, the woman from time immemorial has been the ideal of natural and natural beauty.

How to be a natural and naturally beautiful? You are beautiful already, but these few tips can help/remind you how to keep it up. To preserve the natural beauty of the need to comply with 10 tips that we give you:

  • be yourself;
  • eat right;
  • do sport;
  • care for the hair;
  • monitor the posture;
  • natural beauty requires proper gait;
  • quit bad habits;
  • Take care of  the skin;

you are beautiful natural beauty

All women are beautiful in their own way and enjoy the natural beauty. The main thing you need to feel comfortable with your body and love yourself be what God created you. If you there is internal harmony, you feel happy and relaxed in any position or situation. Believe in yourself and be yourself, and then the people to reach for you.

For natural beauty, you need to work on his personality and individuality, so you will increase the natural attractiveness.

Proper nutrition – the key to natural beauty.  Good mood and freshness are dependent on proper nutrition. You must feed your body with beneficial vitamins and substances to radiate beauty and health.

Change your diet and your eyes will be filled with glitter and life, you will always energetic and present, have a healthy body and a healthy mind. With food can change the color of the skin, hair and beauty volume nails. Follow a proper diet, and you’ll have a natural beauty.

  • Sports – to restore the natural beauty. To keep muscles toned, enough time in the day to walk around the park.

Sport activities will allow to tighten the body and make it more pliable and flexible. Sport helps improve the body, improve blood circulation and give the skin a fresh healthy complexion. So you can prevent the aging process, which will preserve the natural beauty for years to come.

  • Hair Care – helps your natural beauty

Hair – it’s your pride. Proper regular hair care will make their life, elastic, soft and shiny. With the help of accurate and voluminous hair you will increase your confidence.

  • Good posture helps to be beautiful

Natural beauty is born in our body, so smooth posture attracts the attention of men and attracts them to you. Direct posture will allow to keep your head held high, which is very important for a woman.

Grace, lightness and plasticity will improve your appearance. Your movement and eloquence will make you more attractive and naturally beautiful.  Move slowly and sensually, starting at the hips and thus increase your natural beauty.

Bad habits do not help you to become naturally beautiful. Smoking and alcohol harm health, complexion, and teeth of an old woman for a dozen years. Moreover, smoking or drinking woman pushes away.


You are beautiful without plastic surgeries or a huge makeup layer.

Imagine yourself without makeup can not every girl. As a rule, they are more concerned about the appearance, not the skin.

Modern cosmetology inspires since childhood that she beautiful when she cosmetics. You need to understand that this is just a commercial move. After 5 years of using the makeup, the skin does not look so nice.

If you want to have natural beauty, it is not necessary to use make-up every day. To look natural and beautiful can be without it.

How to enjoy the natural beauty without makeup:

  • good sleep (8 hours of sleep will do wonders and will remove circles under the eyes, which removes the need for powder);
  • Wash your face with cool water (will give you a healthy look and cheer);
  • Use moisturizing creams of natural ingredients;
  • scrub once a week will help to eliminate the remnants of the skin;
  • drink the about 3 liters of pure water;
  • Eat healthy fruits, vegetables, cereals and fish;
  • give up meat for some time;
  • Do monthly facials;
  • Natural beauty without makeup requires care eyelashes and eyebrows;
  • Do exercises in the morning;
  • Take care of your hair;
  • Take care of your teeth (smile – is the natural beauty of women);
  • Moisturize lips.

If you follow all these tips, the natural beauty without makeup will come through. Well, if all this is a burden to you, you can continue to use cosmetics, and after 50 years you will be sorry about it :). Whatever way you decide to go, remember that you are beautiful and your natural beauty is your biggest gift.